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Like many successful performers, Tiffany's career began when she was very young. Born on October 2, 1971 in Norwalk, a quiet suburb in Southern California, Tiffany was performing nationwide at fairs, special events and on talent shows such as Star Search by the time she was five. Her performances were marked by an incredible presence and control that enabled her to deliver songs such as “Delta Dawn” and "Stand By Your Man" with honesty and conviction.

By the time Tiffany was 13 years old, her voice and determination landed her an audience with producers George Tobin and Brad Schmidt. Soon after, she was offered a contract with MCA Records and began work on her first album-the self-titled debut, Tiffany.

To promote the album to her target audience, a plan was hatched to have Tiffany perform nationwide at shopping malls. Within weeks she was singing to over 5,000 screaming fans in Salt Lake City, Utah. "Mall managers started to look at Tiffany differently after Salt Lake City. The turnouts were getting enormous," explains Schmidt. "It started out as a marketing tool and as a way to get her in front of people and it turned into a phenomenon."

Overnight, Tiffany had become a pop culture and teen icon featured in magazines, newspapers, and even on The Tonight Show. Both "I Think We're Alone Now" and "Could've Been" were US #1 singles. "I Saw Him Standing There," which hit the Top Ten, was also included on her 1987 debut album. Tiffany even managed to dethrone the King of pop, Michael Jackson, knocking him from the number one spot on the album charts. Tiffany's trajectory to super-stardom was unprecedented: Her humble beginnings with a mall tour led to two number-one records and domestic album sales beyond the six million mark, with over 14 million records sold worldwide. Her second album, Hold An Old Friend's Hand, went double platinum and included the Top Ten hit "All This Time."

By the early 1990s, Tiffany decided to take a break. "People think I disappeared. But I took time away to be a person, not just a personality." Time away from the spotlight allowed Tiffany to mature personally and professionally. Already a gifted performer, she devoted herself to writing lyrics that would more clearly reflect her experiences, emotions and spirit. The resulting effort, the album The Color of Silence released in 2001, was co-written by Tiffany and revealed a depth of artistry not often found in the world of pop music. "This album is a reflection of my life over the past ten years. A lot has changed, and people are not aware that my music represents the pains and joys I've experienced as a musician, full-time mother and successful businesswoman.”

The year 2007 is set to be one of Tiffany’s best years yet. She has just signed a new recording agreement with Universal-distributed label, 10 Spot, and is working on a singer-songwriter/adult contemporary album that is slated to for release in the Spring. The album will feature songs with influences from such artists as Sheryl Crow, Natalie Merchant and Jewel.

In addition to working on the album, Tiffany is also maintaining a rigorous live performance schedule and she is currently filming the VH1 show, Celebrity Fit Club, which will start airing in the Spring of ’07.


Feels Like Love (Single)
Just Me

Feels Like Love (Coming Soon)




“Only six solo female artists have been able to pull two or more Hot 100 No. 1 singles from a debut album in the last 20 years. The list includes Tiffany, Paula Abdul, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce and Fergie”
– Billboard Magazine/ March 15, 2007

“Super Sexy” –

Tiffany ~ "Just Me"
It was 20 years ago that Tiffany stormed The Billboard Hot 100 with two No. 1 singles. Despite fading from the limelight within three years, she has flirted with various returns through the years, fanning critical if not overt commercial success. Her seventh album, "Just Me," shows off the 35-year-old as a grounded, introspective songwriter with the emotive fortitude of a major talent. The heart-wrenching ballad "Winter's Over" is the pinnacle performance, devastatingly beautiful and simplistic, while the single "Feels Like Love" and title track are finger-snapping midtempo melodic archetypes. Tiff also rocks down in her lower register on "Be Alright" and flirts with twang in "Mind Candy." A satisfying ride wholly void of the camp of a retro return. —Chuck Taylor/Billboard Magazine CD Review

AMAZON: A terrific pop/rock CD! Tiffany keeps getting better and better!, June 11, 2007

Tiffany's 2001 album "Color of Silence" is a masterpiece; that album proved that Tiffany was more than a teeny-boppin' has-been. This lady has potential as a prominent rock singer. Next came her spirited, terrific dance album "Dust Off and Dance". Another first-rate effort. And now Tiffany arrived with her third big-time winner in a row! "Just Me" is filled with sophisticated, lively, awesomely produced pop-rock music. Seven of the songs were co-written by Tiffany, and man on man! She and her writing partners sure can write a great hook and amazing lyrics!

The album's single "Feels Like Love" is a rather misleading track. It's kind of light and fluffy, more along the lines of what people who are familiar with Tiffany's '80s albums would expect. But the album gets more complex from there. Sure, there are love songs. But there are also songs filled with self-examination -- and there's even a highly moving song about homelessness.

The song "Just Me" is nothing short of an anthem. I hum along to it, and I feel better about myself. It's just very uplifting. Most of these songs are. I am also a huge fan of the songs "Hiding Behind The Face" and "Calling Out Your name" -- great rock and roll. But all the songs here are gems. Not a stinker in the bunch. And to the reviewer who did not like "Anyone But Me", are you serious? That is a kickass track!! And it has a powerful message!

All in all, this is a thoroughly satisfying musical experience. I expected it to be good, but I was not prepared for how delicious a collection this is. I recommend this, even to people who are not familiar with Tiffany's other recent work. Oh, and buy "Color of Silence" if you don't have it. That is Tiffany's best album. But this one is a close second!

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